What to say about me? Well, let’s start with why you are here, or at least, why I hope you’re here. You clicked this link because you’re interested in purchasing my children’s book. But before we delve in, could you do me a favor? If you haven't already, grab the book you're considering, then pop back here. Alright, back? Awesome! Thank you. Now, how is it possible that you’ve just purchased a book that I wrote? Allow me to explain. 

I’ve always been a “graphs, charts, and to-do list” person. Growing up, I naturally assumed the role of cruise director during family vacations. Maybe it was due to my bossy baby of the family tendencies, or perhaps it was because I had a list and needed the satisfaction of accomplishing it. But through counseling and hard inner work, I've begun to plug into my creative side. The arts have always held a special place in my heart; after all, I can’t be the only little kid who sang Les Mis in their room with a hairbrush microphone.

I dreamed (a dream) of gracing a Broadway stage, but over time, I allowed voices, mostly my own, to stifle creative pursuits. However, that’s in the past! I've been flexing my creative muscles, and it’s been incredibly life-giving and so much fun. The words for a couple of children’s books began flowing out of me. The creative energy often kept me up at night, and the thrill of crafting something from scratch– something other than a to-list– was exhilarating. (Although, I must confess, to-do lists bring me immense joy.) With the unwavering support of my wonderful husband Jesse–who side note, is an artist to the core (like ticks all the boxes: messy desk, entrepreneur, a thousand different ideas, type of artist) –I continued to write and explore what lay within me. Once I had a decent first draft, I realized that I held something really great in my hands. I initially turned to spreadsheets, but Jesse challenged me to create, just for the sake of creating, and that was precisely what I needed to hear. That’s how this expression of my creativity became something you could purchase.
Let’s talk about why I chose a children’s book as my canvas for self-expression. Twelve years ago, my husband and I moved to Cambodia. This beautiful place stirred something within me, prompting me to embark on my first children’s book—a story inspired by those who touched our lives. Looking back, I'm glad that tale didn't see the light of day, but the urge to write remained. Fast forward to now, with three kids of my own, I’ve spent countless hours immersed in children’s books. Yet, over my seven years of parenting, not one book managed to capture the essence of my children's day-to-day lives. I was fueled to depict my kids’ world and experiences in playful rhymes and vibrant illustrations (thanks to an incredibly talented artist). My goal? To create a book that allows my kids, to see their reality come alive on the pages. I hope I showcased my kids’ lives from their perspective while honoring Khmer people and culture.

Now, let’s venture into the normal “about the author” territory. I’m a mother of three utterly unique and wonderful children, and I'm beyond fortunate to have a genuine partner in my husband Jesse. I’m a Jesus lover, worship leader, and singer. If there is a vacant mic and stage, you bet I’ll find my way there. No force can hold me back from belting out some Whitney hits. My husband and I were married in 2007 and have lived internationally since 2009. It began with an unforgettable stint in Mexico and eventually led us to plant roots in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2011. Our love for this country and its people run deep, and we're endlessly grateful for the privilege of calling it home.

My husband runs a technology start-up focusing on tech for good. I work part-time with him and his exceptional team, who I believe is made up of the next business leaders in the Kingdom. The rest of the time? Well, that's mom duty, and I'm all in.

So, there you have the core of me. Thank you for buying my piece of art. Who's to say? Broadway lights might just have my name someday. Until then, I'll keep crafting words and keep exploring the creativity inside me.


My First Book

I'm looking forward to creating many more books in the future, but for now, here's my first one! Order your copy today.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through the Facebook or Instagram accounts linked below or use the contact form on this site.